Pirates Lost Treasure

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Discovery Place 066

Viewer using the Touch Screen

In Discovery Place’s new Shipwrecked! exhibit, there are many lost treasures and activity’s to be seen. In the Lost Treasures, there are glass cases full of pottery, candles are rare porcelain models. The coolest part? 3D Images of the Items are taken and put into an “Image Library”. Users can use touch screens buttons and controllers to view these items from every view. Left, Right, or even back is possible to see and examine, while it also explains about the treasure.


Free Build with KAPLA!

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Discovery Place 002

KAPLA Building Blocks are for building with in Discovery Place… how big of a tower or how much balance can you get? KAPLA are specially designed blocks that have outstanding balance and Design Structure.

The best models have been glued and put on display in the KAPLA building area. The biggest Model? It was “The Parthenon”, with 126 Lbs, 4,200 Blocks and was made in 25 Hours!

Discovery Place 031

Impossible? Think again!

Discovery Place 015

“The Parthenon”

Hurricane Simulator!

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Discovery Place 046

User inside the Hurricane Simulator

The Hurricane Simulator in Discovery Place, Charlotte NC resembles a Category 1 hurricane. Category 1 is around 78.5 MPH. If the machine forced winds of Category 2 or higher, the person inside it would be blowing around like the inside of a tornado! When you step inside the glass “tube”, you will hear a beeping noise and feel very strong air going around 1 MPH. Then, a screen will come on showing your current speed. Guess what happens? You reach 78.5 Mile winds and you start blowing like crazy! Any stronger and it wouldn’t be safe. And don’t worry, you can open the door if you feel uncomfortable.

The TITAN 4 Undersea Treasure Robot

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The Titan 4, Currently at Discovery Place Charlotte, NC, is Odyyssey’s Under Water Treasure Voyager, a robot arm designed to “pick up” treasures off the sea floor.

Discovery Place 034

The Titan 4 is Remote Controlled.

The Titan 4 is remote operated at Discovery Place’s display, and has camera’s placed so the viewer can see all objects in the way, the robot arm, and another camera is used so other viewers can watch him manuever the arm. Shown in the picture is a viewer “grabbing” coins with the control. Seen in the smaller screen to the left, the coin itself is viewable.

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